Vanity Fair Oddly Obsessed with the Bugles on Mad Men

The snack craze that swept the nation!

Sure they are crunchy and delicious, and maybe the appearance of the popular snack on Sunday’s Mad Men was a little disconcerting. (Who knew they had Bugles in the 60s? Or Jewish copywriters?) But Fat Betty Francis’ favorite snack has become something of an obsession to writers over at Vanity Fair, who have taken their hunger pangs to a whole new level.

Now, let’s be fair. In the recaps of Tea Leaves, nearly everyone writing about the show mentioned the Bugles-versy. From Grantland comes Mark Lisanti‘s Faulkner-esque take:

Oh, and the Bugles! The Bugles, the Bugles. If (Betty) has just been eating the Bugles in the bathtub, true mind-scrambling, pathos-drowning perfection would have been achieved.

…to Twitter, which immediately saw the creation of @FatBettyFrancis:

But it was the Conde Nast publication that really took the cake (and Bugles). The paper’s resident wunderkind Juli Weiner started it out with an innocent tweet:

This snowballed into an entire post about junk food from the Mad Men era by Bruce Handy on yesterday. Banana Wackies, Whistles and Daisys, Space Food Sticks…when will these all be making an appearance on the show, Mr. Handy asks. Or maybe he just wants to reminisce about his favorite childhood snacks.

Either way, we think that it’s time that the writers over at Vanity Fair get their annual allotted lunch-break.

Vanity Fair Oddly Obsessed with the Bugles on Mad Men