Walter Robinson to Curate Show at Haunch of Venison

Mr Robinson in 1985. (Courtesy Timothy Greenfield-Sanders)

This summer Walter Robinson, editor of Artnet, will curate a show at Haunch of Venison‘s tony new space on 21st Street. The show will open on July 18 and will run for two weeks, part of a summer program for the Christie’s-owned gallery that will feature shorter exhibits.

Mr. Robinson said the idea came about when Emilio Steinberger, Haunch of Venison’s  international director, reached out to him.

“This was his idea, he wanted to do some short exhibitions during the summer,” he said over the phone. “Its shortness gives it a different energy.”

Mr. Robinson’s show will feature work by ceramics artist Elisabeth Kley, glass artist John Drury (“who’s actually famous in the glass art world as a kind of glass art rebel”), and the painter Bobby G, a k a Robert Goldman, a member of the Colab art collective along with Mr. Robinson. Mr. Robinson will also display his own work—for the show, he’s planned to make paintings based on the covers of romance novels.

“I was thinking that if you take these people,” Mr. Robinson said, “who, in a way, are rejects—it’s not that we’re rejects, because who’s a reject? It’s a ridiculous tightrope to have to walk—I really wanted to see what these guys will look like in a really good gallery like Haunch of Venison, because context is everything. I’m very excited about it and looking forward to it.”

Walter Robinson to Curate Show at Haunch of Venison