Weekend Roundup: NYPD Corruption; Talking Pineapples; Romney’s Mistakes

Mitt Romney and Patriots owner Bob Kraft at Fenway Park last week. (Photo: Getty)

Shelly Silver is doing just fine, even as Albany is changing.

The Daily News wants the minimum wage increased to $8.50.

The Associated Press contended the NYPD has a corruption problem.

Dean Skelos will reportedly back Simcha Felder.

Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings was confused by New York’s talking pineapple test question.

The Daily News called for the state to sort out its testing system.

The Post cheered a counterterrorism official saying the NYPD’s surveillance program is probably legal.

And blasted the Senate Democrats for their ties to the teachers union.

A Wall Street Journal reporter was mistakenly arrested at a federal courthouse in Brooklyn.

Might David Storobin run against Steve Cymbrowitz next?

Cymbrowitz’s 2010 opponent is taking a pass on a rematch but may run for office elsewhere.

The Times unearthed heavy evidence against Wal-Mart de Mexico.

There was a rare serious traffic accident at 42nd st. & 6th ave. in Midtown.

New-age tire boots will begin to be rolled out in the city.

Theft of iPhones and iPads has risen 44% this year.

John Edwards has a 3% approval rating.

On the presidential race:

Mitt Romney hopes to learn from his mistakes during the primary.

He will return to New Hampshire.

The Times‘ public editor said the NYT “basked” in Obama’s glow during his 2008 race.

It’s tricky to determine the difference between official and political trips.

Obama and Romney will both miss the coveted Joe Lieberman endorsement.

Ed Cox said Romney could outraise Obama.

The French presidential race borrowed tactics from Obama. Weekend Roundup: NYPD Corruption; Talking Pineapples; Romney’s Mistakes