Will The Huffington Post Pop Pulitzer Champagne Today?

The Huffington Post staffers expect David Wood to bring the news site its first Pulitzer Prize today for his ten-part series on wounded veterans, “Beyond the Battlefield.” The former Time and Los Angeles Times reporter is a past finalist, and a win would go a long way toward bringing HuffPo the credibility and clout it’s sought, often at a high cost.

The newsroom rumor (first reported by Business Insider and independently relayed to The Observer), however, is unusual. Historically, the finalists have been leaked to Joe Strupp (formerly of Editor & Publisher, now of Media Matters), but Pulitzer security has tightened up since 2008. An even tighter lid was kept on the winners.

According to sources, the speculation was floated by Arianna Huffington herself, first in a meeting and now in a mass email inviting staff to celebrate some good news at 3 p.m. in the newsroom.

A spokesperson for AOL did not immediately return a request for comment, but we’ll know at 3 p.m., when the winners and finalists are announced. Will The Huffington Post Pop Pulitzer Champagne Today?