Aaron Sorkin is Officially Doing a Steve Jobs Biopic

Move over, Ashton!

Mr. Sorkin (flickr.com/politicalpulse)

One Steve Jobs biopic isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? TWO Steve Jobs biopics. At least according to Hollywood.

Though it’s been widely-rumored since late last year, a press release issued by Sony Pictures yesterday confirmed what is either your worst nightmare or dream come true, depending on how pearl-clutchy you are about the tech industry: Aaron Sorkin will be adapting Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography of Steve Jobs for Sony Pictures. We’re positive it will be every bit as packed with heavy-handed dramatic irony and “so bad it’s good” euphoria as The Social Network is.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sorkin’s movie may have a competitor in the already-announced JOBS Movie, starring Ashton Kutcher. But that’s an indie biopic with an official Twitter so terribly rendered that we originally thought it was fake. Additionally, the working title for that film–Steve Jobs: Get Inspired–may be one of the most terrible movie titles we have ever heard.

If casting for Mr. Sorkin’s film can find an actor who bears a resemblance to Mr. Jobs as strong as Mr. Kutcher’s, we’re sure they’ll have nothing to worry about.

Aaron Sorkin is Officially Doing a Steve Jobs Biopic