All the Fun Guys Have Worked at SAP

At least LEGOs are fun.

Ajit Nazre

If “fun” means alleged LEGO hoarders and targets of gender discrimination lawsuits, European enterprise software giant SAP must be a fun place to work! Betabeat has been covering the arrest of SAP exec Thomas Langenbach, who built something “like a mini Legoland” in his San Carlos, CA home. We’ve learned that in addition to Mr. Langenbach, SAP once employed Ajit Nazre–who is a key figure in a major lawsuit filed against Silicon Valley VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers (KPCB). Former Kleiner Perkins investment partner Ellen Pao filed the suit, which in part covers interactions with Mr. Nazre after he moved from SAP to KPCB. Ms. Pao makes some tough allegations against Mr. Nazre, alleging they had a personal relationship and claiming that after it ended, he “[…] started a consistent pattern of retaliation against her” which lasted more than 5 years. In the same suit Ms. Pao also accuses Mr. Nazre of harassing several other women. She also states Mr. Nazre left KPCB in 2011 after an independent investigation into harassment claims.

Before Ajit Nazre was a partner at KPCB he was at SAP, where he worked for SAP’s C.E.O., co-founder and chairman, Hasso Plattner. Mr. Nazre, whom Ms. Pao accuses of multiple “sexually harassing actions” during her time at KPCB, “co-founded SAPMarkets in 2000 […] and served as managing director of SAPMarkets. In 2002, he was named senior vice president of SAP’s New Venture Unit, SAP Inspire.”

Mr. Langenbach, LEGO fan and Target customer, has been with SAP since the late 1980s. His LinkedIn bio says he has been VP of SAP’s Integration and Certification Center.

SAP is a large company so, wisecracks aside, there’s no direct evidence at the moment Mr. Langenbach ever worked or even had LEGO-building/retaliation parties with Mr. Nazre.

All the Fun Guys Have Worked at SAP