Allon: No BP For Me

Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon is out with a statement today pushing back against a statement John Catsimatidis made to New York Times  that suggested that “Mr. Allon was not ready to be mayor and should run for Manhattan borough president instead.”

The piece was in the context of the GOP’s search for a mayoral candidate, and how party brass are trying to encourage Mr. Catsimatidis to run, while the supermarket, along with apparently most of the tabloid press, trying to get police commissioner Ray Kelly to run.’

Mr. Allon said that Mr. Catsimatidis told him ” his words were taken out of context in the New York Times yesterday.

“He said he thinks I should run for Manhattan Borough President if Ray Kelly runs for Mayor,” Mr. Allon continued, and pointed out that he is one of the few 2013 contenders to make his intentions known. “Fair enough, but I’m skeptical that Kelly will run for Mayor, as are most people in the political world. I have said consistently since I announced my candidacy in July, 2011, unlike anyone else so far other than Bill Thompson, that I intend to be a Mayoral candidate in Nov. 2013 on the Liberal Party line and hopefully also on one of the major party lines. “

Still, the speculation that Mr. Allon, who remains a long long shot to win next November, will drop down and run for Manhattan BP has dogged him since he started running. That campaign, it should be said, would be easier, but by no means easy, with a number of strong candidates–including council members Gale Brewer, Jessica Lappin and Robert Jackson and former community board chair Julie Menin.

“John Catsimatidis knows that I have the pro-growth business skills, the education reform experience and the passion and toughness to be Mayor,” continues Mr. Allon. “Although I am flattered that he thinks I can more easily become the next Manhattan BP, I am committed to run for Mayor to help grow our economy and truly reform our city’s education system by focusing on innovative teacher training and greater parental involvement. That can only be done by the next Mayor.”


Allon: No BP For Me