Andrea Peyser vs. Alec Baldwin, Round a Million

As habitual New York Post readers know, Alec Baldwin once tweeted that Post columnist Andrea Peyser is “as bad a writer as [she is] full of self-hatred.” Good news: it appears the prison rape joke-loving public intellectual has no intention of letting the slight drop.

Today Ms. Peyser treated readers to a round-up of the outspoken actor’s most foot-in-mouth comments, peppered with cracks about his weight. Since affiancing yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, Mr. Baldwin actually looks like he’s only a handful of couples’ sun salutes away from his fighting weight, but no matter. He’s a loose cannon with an “obsession” with Ms. Peyser, according to Ms. Peyser.

“He took to Twitter, like a crack whore to the pipe, to agonize over my well-being,” she wrote.

Ms. Peyser is “worried” that Mr. Baldwin’s nonstop tweeting is “cheapening his brand” and  undermining his relationship with Ms. Thomas—especially in light of Mr. Baldwin’s alleged stalker. If we can call Genevieve Sabourin a stalker, that is.

“Alec owned up to wining and dining the lady at least twice — to help her acting career, of course,” Ms. Peyser pointed out. “And I can sell Hilaria a very nice bridge if she believes that one.”

Andrea Peyser vs. Alec Baldwin, Round a Million