Attention, Gold Diggers: Refinery29 Pens How-To on Meeting Facebook Millionaires

"Single ladies, divide and conquer."

Ms. Reidl, expert Facebook employee stalker. (

With the impending onslaught of baby-faced millionaires, it was only a matter of time before someone wrote a how-to guide illuminating the best places to snag a Facebook (META) beau. The New York-based fashion website Refinery29 published an article yesterday afternoon entitled “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How To Meet A Facebook Millionaire.” Servicey!

“Since the city will be full of newly minted multi-millionaires, how about dating one?” asks writer Joanna Reidl. “While we don’t openly condone gold digging, if you did want to increase your chances of landing a Facebook dude, we won’t be mad at you. In fact, we’ll help.” Thanks?

In the piece, Ms. Reidl outlines the best places for enterprising gold diggers in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to meet these freshly-minted millionaires. Apparently they don’t make millionaires like they used to, because Chipotle (“If you strike out here, at least you can still get a burrito bowl”) and Taco Bell (“Invite him over for fourth meal and seal the deal”) are on the list.

But Ms. Reidl doesn’t stop with the list of venues. She closes the piece with a bit of vaguely creepy advice, such as the fact that many Facebookers can be found at Quora meetups, and that Facebook employees poised to leave the company “are thrown a going away party at 5:30 p.m. on Friday at The Old Pro, Nola’s, or Nut House.”

I’m sure stalking people before you even know them won’t be a dating deterrent at all. Plus, it’s worth noting that Facebook will churn out tons of female millionaires, too–why no mention of them, R29?

But sorry, New Yorkers: Ms. Reidl’s advice doesn’t extend to our fine city. Guess you’ll just have to start haunting the bars around Facebook’s Madison Ave. office.

Attention, Gold Diggers: Refinery29 Pens How-To on Meeting Facebook Millionaires