Bills regarding background checks, witnesses to drug overdoses clear Assembly

TRENTON – The Assembly passed bills dealing with protecting witnesses to a drug overdose from prosecution, criminal background checks for volunteers, annulments, and electronic waste.

A578: This is the Good Samaritan Emergency Response Act that is designed to protect witnesses to a drug overdose from prosecution or arrest for seeking medical attention in an emergency for a victim.

It passed 67-8, with four abstentions.

A598: This bill requires that volunteers in school districts must undergo the same criminal history record check that paid employees do. The volunteer would bear the cost of the background check.

It passed unanimously 75-0.

A1238: This bill requires that a business destroy all records stored on a digital copy machine, which is no longer to be retained by that business, by erasing or otherwise modifying those records to make them unreadable.

It passed 51-28.

A1335: This bill provides that marriages and civil unions may be annulled without cause within 30 days of the marriage or civil union ceremony. The bill also amends the law regarding marriage and civil union licenses to expand the residency requirements, abolish the waiting period, and increase the application fee.

It passed 43-33 with one abstention. Schaer abstained.

A1459: This bill would revise penalties under the “Electronic Waste Management Act.”     The Department of Environmental Protection would use the registration fees from manufacturers to support the administration of the program.  In addition, the bill would exempt manufacturers who sell less than 100 televisions or less than 100 covered electronic devices in the previous program year from paying the $5,000 registration or registration renewal fee. 

Currently, the civil penalty ranges from $500 to $1,000. The bill authorizes the commissioner to assess a civil administrative penalty not to exceed $50,000, for certain violations of the act, such as failure to register or submit or implement a plan.  In addition, the bill would authorize a court to impose a civil penalty for violations of the act of up to $50,000 per day. 

It passed 49-27, with one abstention, by Bob Schroeder.

A1527: This bill would make revisions to the Watershed Property Review Board which has the authority to exempt the conveyance of property from the watershed moratorium.  The bill provides that a person applying for an exemption may contest the decision of the board before an Administrative Law.

It passed 71-4 with two abstentions, Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Reed Gusciora.

Bills regarding background checks, witnesses to drug overdoses clear Assembly