Blogger James Franco Has Issues with <em>Girls</em>, Loves <em>Steel Magnolias</em>

Palo Alto, graduate programs, and McDonald's: the triumvirate for leading a productive lifestyle like Mr. Franco

Freak gets Girls (HBO)

Our good friend James Franco, a new blogger for The Huffington Post, has finally weighed in on the cultural phenomenon that is Lena Dunham’s HBO show, Girls. Thank God.
Since we don’t want Mr. Franco to take offense with our regard of his content as “petty” (a word we never used, but Mr. Franco said we said it, so apparently that’s now true), we are just going to present some of his arguments without comment.

– “I worked at McDonalds, and my first suggestion to Hannah would be this: get a fucking job.”

– “I’m not making any judgments about my ex-classmates — I’m sure many of them have plenty to say about an actor invading their M.F.A. bubbles — but I will say that many of the movies and stories they produced in those programs featured storylines that would have fit right in on Girls.”

– “Supporters of the show usually say its lack of diversity reflects the social segregation of our country, and they have a point. Going to high school in Palo Alto, I definitely saw cliques form along racial lines.”

– “Maybe I have a limited perspective, because the programs I was in were extremely diverse (Editor’s note: Sorry, we promised we wouldn’t… but Freaks and Geeks was diverse?), but I’ve found that my friends and collaborators hail from a rich background of races and nationalities.”

– “Lena’s character never has to write her book because the series is her book.”

– “I am fine watching a show about women dealing with men I would never want to be. I watched Steel Magnolias incessantly when I was in junior high school, and I can get off on female bonding.”

– “…for all I know, but for the grace of Judd Apatow I would be just like those struggling male idiots I see on the show.”

So thank you, Mr. Apatow, for gracing Mr. Franco and giving the world Your Highness. Blogger James Franco Has Issues with <em>Girls</em>, Loves <em>Steel Magnolias</em>