Bob Turner Cites Superior Name ID, Hints Rudy Giuliani Endorsement Forthcoming

Congressman Bob Turner appeared on Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning where he gave a simple explanation as to how he will win his June GOP Senate primary against Wendy Long and George Maragos.

“We have on this side pretty good name recognition as that goes,” he said. “The campaign is really against Senator Gillibrand. We are spending all our efforts on that. All of us are not taking shots at each other and we will let the voters decide  who is the best to carry the standard.”

This is not actually true–earlier this month Mr. Maragos hit Mr. Turner for “inciting racial strife” by hitting the Obama administration over their efforts to add more affordable housing to Westchester County and he previously compared the Congressman to Barack Obama for campaigning via “stunts”, but regardless, Mr. Dicker asked if this was really a good strategy in a competitive primary.

“It is for me since I have an edge in name recognition and a platform to work from” Mr. Turner replied.

Asked then why the party shouldn’t nominate Wendy Long, who has the Conservative Party backing and who may match up better against Ms. Gillibrand, at least from a gender standpoint, Mr. Turner replied, “She is not going to win in November. That is what this is all about.”

Mr. Turner said he could beat Senator Gillibrand by relying on the “Pataki Strategy” of pulling GOP votes out of New York City, his base in the primary.

“I think whoever is going to win has to do well in New York City and oddly that is my strength. It’s the Pataki strategy–Come out of New York with 35 percent and a Republican can carry the state, and I don’t think the other Republicans can do that. I can.”

Mr. Turner acknowledged that turnout will be low, but suggested he has a secret weapon: a Rudy Giuliani endorsement in the next couple of weeks.

Bob Turner Cites Superior Name ID, Hints Rudy Giuliani Endorsement Forthcoming