Booting Up: Facebook’s Messy IPO Edition


This is a little tl;dr, but the key piece of information is this: “In one of the biggest IPOs in history, in which a huge amount of stock was sold to small investors, privileged Wall Street insiders once again got top-notch information…and individuals got the shaft.” Color us shocked. [Business Insider]

A class action suit has been filed against NASDAQ for bungling Facebook stock orders; the SEC and FINRA are investigating issues surrounding the IPO. [Reuters]

Stop using the word ‘innovation.’ [Wall Street Journal]

We have a crush on Apple’s “design genius” Jonathan Ive. [The Telegraph]

“We would like it to be a fundamental tool for the liberation or the acceleration of our own creativity.” – Perry Chen, cofounder of Kickstarter [GigaOm]

Google + privacy makes for a scary story. Plus, “Secrets spilled across the computer screen” is a damn good intro. [New York Times] Booting Up: Facebook’s Messy IPO Edition