Bramnick, Greenwald both support permit extension bill

MONROE – At today’s Chamber of Commerce breakfast roundtable at the Forsgate Country Club, both Democratic Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, (D-6), of Voorhees, and Republican Minority Leader Jon Bramnick, (R-21), of Westfield, said that a permit extension bill is needed to help foster, or accelerate, business and economic growth the in the state.

By providing the permit extension, businesses would have a better chance of moving forward with construction projects in areas where development is currently restricted, largely for environmental reasons.

Recently, the Christie Administration has proposed a so-called waiver rule that would provide developers leeway from certain environmental regulations to move projects forward, much to the anger of environmental groups.

Greenwald believes a permit extension bill will be introduced in June. An earlier version was held in both the Assembly and Senate.

Such legislation is necessary, Greenwald said, so businesses would not have to pay thousands of dollars again to go through a bureaucratic process of filing a permit. He added the legislation could serve as an economic driver.

Bramnick said simply “I expect it to move.”

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Bramnick, Greenwald both support permit extension bill