Buono goes after Booker on twitter

In a sign that she remains energetically in the hunt for Democratic Party support toward a gubernatorial run, state Sen. Barbara Buono upbraided Newark Mayor Cory Booker via twitter yesterday.

Democrats beat up Booker after his Meet the Press moan over the Obama Campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital record, and the GOP’s ongoing effort to link Obama to the Rev. Jerramiah Wright.

Booker said the mood “nauseated” him.

Less than a week after Booker appeared in a lighthearted video with Gov. Chris Christie, Buono yesterday tweeted,  “Wonder if  urging press 2tk a bat out on a woman senator and calling a Navy Seal a jerk nauseated Cory Booker.”

One source close to the senator confirmed this was Buono’s way of sending a message to Democrats: “Hey, guys, we’re over here.” Buono goes after Booker on twitter