But was there a man with one arm?

A source tells PolitickerNJ that Republican Hamilton Mayor John Bencivengo, arrested last month on charges that he allegedly took a $12,400 bribe in exchange for influence, is doing his best to make light of the situation.

At a meeting of the Hamilton Partnership, a non-profit group of business executives concerned with economic development in the Mercer County township, particpants at the May 9 gathering were asked to state their names and businesses.

When Bencivengo’s turn arrived he introduced himself to the 20 to 30 executives in the room by saying “I’m John Bencivengo. Fugitive.”

“There was a very uncomfortable silence and a few nervous laughs,” said one executive who was in the room.  “We didn’t really know how to react.”

Bencivengo isn’t a fugitive, he’s actually out on bail. But perhaps he was practicing for a future run from the law?

But was there a man with one arm?