Carrie Melago Leaves Daily News for Wall Street Journal

After nine years at the tabloid, Daily News assistant news editor Carrie Melago is hopping to the Wall Street Journal’s Greater New York Section. (Making her a competitor of husband Jonathan Lemire, a News political reporter!)

Two more Journal hires:

  • Meenal Mistry is the Wall Street Journal‘s new fashion director; her predecessor Alexa Brazillian is becoming an editor-at-large. [WWD]
  • James Grimaldi is joining its investigative team. He took a Washington Post buyout and sent his colleagues this weird poem. [Fishbowl DC]

If you don’t read Marie Claire every month, we recommend checking out its recent three-part series: essays on love and race, love and money, and love and the single girl. It features lots of your favorite lady-journos—Sadie Stein, Anna Holmes, Starlee Kine, and Rebecca Traister, to name a few. This one by Susan Gregory Thomas is particularly insane (in a good way). (They didn’t pay us to write this.) [Marie Claire]

NY1 traffic reporter Jamie Shupak recalls the first time her boyfriend, Times reporter Brian Stelter, joined her in spin class: “It was like the first time I put my old dog in the pool.” [Complex]

Former Daily News editor in chief Michael O’Neill died at age 89. [Washington Post]

Replace Arthur Brisbane with a woman! [Poynter]

On Piers Morgan, Matt Lauer took the blame for TODAY’s ratings problems, which is what you have to do when they pay you $25 million a year. But also he denies that particular figure. [Huffington Post]

Who’ll Die Next? asks worst tabloid ever. [Jezebel]

Reuters reporter Glenn Somerville is leaving company over its new “Performance Improvement Plan,” which have left others shaking in their boots. [Romenesko]

Carrie Melago Leaves <em>Daily News</em> for <em>Wall Street Journal</em>