Charles Barron Would Also Like Ed Towns’ Endorsement

Charles Barron (Photo: NY1)

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Councilman Charles Barron suddenly had their campaigns shaken up a few weeks ago when the incumbent they were seeking to unseat, Congressman Ed Towns, suddenly announced his exit from the race. Mr. Jeffries already declared he’d seek Mr. Towns’ endorsement, and yesterday, Mr. Barron indicated he’s be interested in the same.

“Yes,” Mr. Barron said on Inside City Hall last night when asked about the potential endorsement. “We are in conversation. I told Congressman Towns, ‘I wish you the best, you should leave your district with the best, and that’s Councilman Charles Barron, soon-to-be Congressman Charles Barron.”

Mr. Barron, like Mr. Jeffries, had previously been a sharp critic of Mr. Towns. In his announcement event Mr. Barron declared Mr. Towns needed to get the boot as he’s been “totally ineffective.”

Overall, Mr. Barron seem far more tempered than usual in his approach to the interview. The host of the show, Errol Louis, asked him about this, noting Mr. Barron’s focus on policy lacked his typical fiery slogans and controversial declarations.

“It’s not a rebranding of Charles Barron, it’s seeing all of Charles Barron,” he answered, ticking off a list of his less controversial beliefs, including his opposition to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the need to stand up for the 99%. “I want people to see the whole Charles Barron, not just one side. It’s no rebranding, reinventing.”

Charles Barron Would Also Like Ed Towns’ Endorsement