Christie still hopeful Harris will receive fair hearing

TRENTON – Unlike what he referred to as the “cooked” votes on the Philip Kwon nomination, Gov. Chris Christie said this afternoon he has not received any “indication or intelligence” regarding how the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote regarding his second Supreme Court nominee, Bruce Harris.

He is hoping the committee will fulfill its “constitutional duty” and release his nomination in order for the full Senate to vote.

“I have no way of knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow.   I certainly have not been given any heads up by anybody in the Senate… I think that’s a hopeful sign that maybe there are actually some folks on that committee left who really want to listen,” Christie said.

He said he hopes Thursday’s hearing serves some purpose other than mere theater.

“I hope this is not just a political game that’s being played and that they already predetermined what’s going on because if that’s the case than why would we have hearings…..I think Bruce Harris deserves his day to make his case why he’s eminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.”

He added that various individuals will come before the committee to vouch for Harris’s qualifications.

Christie said he only hopes for a fair hearing and that the committee doesn’t raise issues about somebody other than the nominee, like it did with Kwon.

“They put his mother on trial,” Christie said.

Kwon’s nomination was defeated largely after Democrats questioned the financial transactions of Kwon’s mother, transactions related to her liquor store business.

Christie said Harris’s positions on marriage equality issues have also been misinterpreted by some senators, particularly Ron Rice and Ray Lesniak. The governor said Harris would recuse himself on the same-sex marriage issue because as a public official he advocated for the passage of a same sex marriage bill, and believed he would not be as objective as a high court judge would need to be.

Harris serves as mayor of Chatham.




Christie still hopeful Harris will receive fair hearing