Cory Booker’s Communications Director Resigns

Cory Booker (Photo: YouTube)

The communications director for Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Anne Torres, will officially resign her post today.

Earlier this morning, our colleagues at PolitickerNJ reported the resignation is due to weeks of tumultuous relations with the media following a gaffe made on Meet the Press where Mr. Booker said he found attacks made on both sides of the partisan aisle “nauseating.”

As Mr. Booker, a surrogate for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, specifically referenced Mr. Obama’s criticism of Bain Capital and Mitt Romney’s record there, his comment ended up stepping on the Mr. Obama’s toes. Mr. Booker attempted to undo the damage through appearances in recorded videos and television interviews, but that was apparently not enough.

Republicans, meanwhile, have not been forgiving of Mr. Booker’s walk back of that “nauseating” statement and have been trumpeting Mr. Booker’s remarks — along with similar statements made by other Democrats — as Mr. Obama has aggressively focuses his campaign’s messaging on Bain Capital. Cory Booker’s Communications Director Resigns