Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance Vote

Yesterday, most of New York’s delegation in the House of Representatives backed a measure that would have rebuked the New York Police Department for their Muslim surveillance program by blocking federal spending on police programs that violate the Constitution.

The measure brought howls of protest from conservatives and from Long Island Rep. Peter King, and it ultimately went down to defeat.

This morning, Liz Crowley, a City Councilwoman from Queens who is running for the Congressional seat formerly held by Gary Ackerman sent out a statement saying that she opposed her would-be Democratic colleagues’ efforts.

“Withholding federal funding from our police department because our cops have done their jobs is wrong,” Ms. Crowley said. “The NYPD has acted lawfully to protect New Yorkers from very real terrorist threats. Voting for this measure frustrates the NYPD’s efforts to keep us safe.  We need to work on expanding funding for the NYPD in a dangerous world, not cutting it off.”

There were some Democrats, including Long Island’s Carolyn McCarthy, who voted against the bill, but it will be interesting to see how this statement from Ms. Crowley plays out in the district. The new NY6 is a famously diverse district, although it also contains large pockets of older Jewish and ethnic voters

Ms. Crowley is locked in a three-way primary with Assembly members Rory Lancman and Grace Meng. As a testament to the district’s diversity, Ms. Meng is vying to become the first Asian-American member of Congress, and Mr. Lancman has touted his Iranian-born wife.

It is also worth noting that Joe Crowley voted in favor of the resolution. Mr. Crowley is Ms. Crowley’s cousin, and is also the head of the Queens County Democratic Party. The county decided to back Ms. Meng, but Ms. Crowley ran anyway, much to the chagrin of the Queens Dems.

Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance Vote