Cuomo: Minimum Wage Hike Not Possible This Year

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Democrats the State Legislature are pushing hard for an increase in the minimum wage this year, but Governor Andrew Cuomo remains solidly skeptical of the ability of the legislation to get anywhere in the Republican-controlled State Senate.

“The Assembly has put forth a bill. I support the concept of a minimum wage increase as you know,” Mr. Cuomo methodically explained in an interview on The Capitol Pressroom earlier this morning. “I think it would be appropriate. The Senate does not agree and the Senate feels quite strongly about their position.”

Indeed, Majority Leader Dean Skelos has argued against a minimum wage hike from multiple different angles, including contending that it’s a problem if workers have to pay more in taxes and receive less government benefits as a result of having more money.

In his interview, Mr. Cuomo stressed that Mr. Skelos and his Republican colleagues were blocking the legislation, and even though he’s pushed progressive legislation through the State Senate in recent months, the obstacles were just too high for the minimum wage.

“Do I think it is likely that we’re going to have a resolution on minimum wage this year?” he rhetorically asked. “No. Not because I wouldn’t like to see one, I very much would like to see one. I don’t think it’s possible. We hope for the ideal and live in the real, right?”

“We’ve gotten a lot of things done in Albany, a lot of things people said couldn’t get done, we got done,” he continued. “I don’t think this — at this time — is possible because the Senate has a heartfelt position in opposition. “

Cuomo: Minimum Wage Hike Not Possible This Year