Cuomo Muses on His Own Popularity

(Photo: Getty)

Governor Andrew Cuomo might be more popular than pizza in New York, but he’s keeping things grounded.

Asked about his astronomical 71% approval rating earlier today, Mr. Cuomo gave a quick joke about a skit he did for the Legislative Correspondents Association before pivoting to more serious tones.

“I attribute it to the video that I did for the LCA show,” he said in a video posted by Politics on the Hudson. “I think that the response to that video was tremendous and directly proportionate to the increase in the poll, yeah.”

He then proceeded to argue that the poll shows the confidence New Yorkers are finally having in their government, which is a positive sign for the state as a whole.

“I don’t know,” he continued. “Obviously I’m flattered by the increase. But as I’ve said before, you take all of these things with a grain of salt, the ups and the downs. But to the extent that the people of the state feel good about the product that they are getting from state government in Albany, that’s the point of the entire exercise. And to the extent that people feel good about the direction of the state and the trajectory of the State of New York, that’s not just an affirmation of the government, it’s also very healthy for the state body politic.”

Mr. Cuomo also contended that there are tangible benefits to these sorts of poll numbers too.

“When people feel good about the state, people invest in the state,” he said. “It’s not just a political aspect — it’s nice to have the affirmation — but it’s actually more profound than that and it’s beneficial for the state as a whole.”

Cuomo Muses on His Own Popularity