Cymbrowitz’s 2010 Challenger to Run Against Weinstein This Time Around

New York GOP Chair Ed Cox and Joseph Hayon (Photo: Facebook)

Joseph Hayon, a Republican activist in southeastern Brooklyn’s Jewish community who did surprisingly well against Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz in 2010, will forgo a rematch and instead run against Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein. Indeed, Mr. Hayon, who also doubles as the head of the Brooklyn Tea Party club, told us that he was “99%” likely to run.

Mr. Hayon is known in Brooklyn political circles as a particularly passionate opponent of the gay marriage legislation signed last year, and he hinted that Mr. Cymbrowitz’s vote against the bill — and Ms. Weinstein’s support of it — factored into his decision-making, in addition to redistricting changing the shape of the map.

“Weinstein’s vote to redefine marriage will play a major role in this campaign,” he explained in an email. “Voters do not forget easily, and they are still angry at the marriage vote.”

Although Mr. Hayon held his last opponent to 57% of the vote (despite spending only $600), he will have a tougher challenge this time around. Ms. Weinstein’s district is substantially more Democratic and she utterly destroyed her 2010 rival.

“Communities in the district do not vote for a Democrat just because they are registered Democrat,” Mr. Hayon said, arguing that Bob Turner and David Storobin’s wins in recent special elections proved his point. “They vote for the person. Just look at the last two Special Election results.”

Others are more skeptical, however.

“Helene Weinstein will have to work it for a change, and it will be ugly,” Gatemouth, who broke the news of Mr. Hayon’s intentions, wrote. “[B]ut, barring a miracle or an arrest, this district will elect a Republican to the Assembly the year the Assembly flips to the GOP.”

Cymbrowitz’s 2010 Challenger to Run Against Weinstein This Time Around