Dems defend OLS budget chief’s professionalism

TRENTON – It happened last year, and it has happened again.

In the heat of budget-crafting season last spring and this, Gov. Chris Christie sharply criticized the Office of Legislative Services whose revenue projections differed markedly from the Treasury Department’s projections.

Christie this morning went so far as to refer to OLS budget chief David Rosen as the “Dr. Kevorkian’’ of numbers.

Rebuttal from legislative Democrats this afternoon was swift and equally harsh.

“The governor has apparently lost control of himself,” Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said. “The governor may not like the budget projections, but that’s not Dr. Rosen’s fault. Dr. Rosen is a professional who works for both parties and has been over time a more accurate revenue forecaster than the executive branch.”

And Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald said, “The governor is now in full-fledged panic mode, lashing out at anyone who dares question him and present facts that show his so-called New Jersey Comeback is a cruel myth.

“This is yet another example of the governor’s reprehensible use of name-calling whenever things don’t break his way. While some people run from the truth, numbers don’t lie, and once again the governor is ignoring basic facts – such as how the Office of Legislative Services has been more accurate than the executive branch in forecasting revenues.”


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