DEP waiver opposition passes Assembly

TRENTON – Bills dealing with opposition to the Department of Environmental Protection’s waiver rule, as well as other pieces of legislation, were approved today.

ACR37: This concurrent resolution embodies the finding of the Legislature that the rules and regulations to establish a procedure for the waiver of department rules proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection for public comment in the New Jersey Register on March 7, 2011 are not consistent with the intent of the Legislature.

It passed 48-30.

A2882: This bill requires boards that issue professional or occupational licenses be required to provide  exemptions from requirements toward licensure for any applicant who received training while serving as a member of the Armed Forces.

It passed 76-0.

 ACR147: This concurrent resolution urges the governor to transfer the Special Response Unit  from the Department of Human Services to the Office of the Attorney General in the Department of Law and Public Safety in order for the state to provide more diligent oversight of the community programs  and residences for developmentally disabled residents.

It passed 50-23-3.

AR48: In recognition of American military troops, this resolution encourages New Jerseyans to show their support by displaying yellow ribbons, as has been done during past military conflicts.

It passed 73-0

AR66: This resolution honors and salutes the New Jersey Youth Corps for its 28 years of commitment to the young people of this State.

It passed unanimously 79-0.

A638: This bill establishes the Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs Program with $200,000.

It passed 75-0

A792: This bill directs hospitals to establish protocols to ensure timely dispatch from one hospital to another by a specialty care transportation unit used for patient transfers. 

It passed 74-0

“It will go a long way to improve health care delivery,” said Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz (R-21) of Summit.

A1218: This bill prohibits the sending of an unsolicited advertisement by text messaging if it will cause the recipient to incur a telecommunications charge.

It passed 78-0

A1351: This bill would permit bingo games conducted solely for recreation or amusement by any person, group, or organization to be conducted without licensure.  A bingo game may only be conducted without licensure if no one furnishes anything of value for the opportunity to participate, the prizes awarded are nominal, and no person is paid for conducting or assisting in the conduct of the game or games. 

It passed 75-0.


DEP waiver opposition passes Assembly