DNC Highlights ‘Vicious’ Nature of Romney’s Haircut Bullying

DNC Logo (Photo: Democrats.org)

Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse wanted to make sure no one missed the Washington Post story about the forced haircut Mitt Romney and some of his friends gave a classmate in high school. Mr. Woodhouse sent out the story in an email to reporters this afternoon. 

In his email, Mr. Woodhouse presented the story without comment other than “Key Point: ‘It was vicious.'” The quote highlighted by Mr. Woodhouse came from a description that one of Mr. Romney’s former classmates, Phillip Maxwell, who witnessed the incident gave to the Post.

“It was a hack job,” Mr. Maxwell said. “It was vicious.”

To make sure the press got his point, Mr. Woodhouse also made the “It was vicious” quote the entire subject line of his email.

DNC Highlights ‘Vicious’ Nature of Romney’s Haircut Bullying