Doherty brings fight against red light cameras to the Web

TRENTON – A state senator leading the charge against red light camera ticketing systems is garnering support for his legislation on the Internet.

Sen. Michael Doherty, (R-23), Washington, said Wednesday more than 1,000 people signed an online petition supporting a ban on red light cameras in the first 24 hours after the lawmaker launched the online petition.

Doherty’s bill, S1952, would prohibit municipalities from installing the ticketing systems and ban municipalities currently using the systems from renewing their contracts.

“Clearly it’s to raise revenue,” said Doherty, arguing red light cameras are less about safety and more about generating income.

“I’m troubled by the idea that the government is setting up these cameras and prying on citizens,” he said, adding the system uses “citizens as a cash cow.”

A Senate Republican spokesman said online petitions, while not entirely new, are sometimes used to cast a wider net for potential supports, and added it’s easy to spread word of the legislation through social media (more than 600 people “recommended” the petition on Facebook.)

Doherty says the red light cameras have forced him to alter his driving habits, explaining he does not make right turns on red lights that have cameras installed because he’s worried about getting slapped with a fine for running a red light.

“It’s really not the country I grew up in,” he said, explaining people should feel free to travel without worry of their every movement being monitored.

“I have not gotten a ticket,” he added.


Doherty brings fight against red light cameras to the Web