Apparently Everyone Got Bored with Draw Something

More like Draw Nothing, right?

Draw Something's users are steadily declining. (

Less than a month ago we reported that Draw Something had ousted Angry Birds from the highly coveted top paid app spot, but it would appear that success was really Draw Something’s plateau: just six weeks after Zynga acquired the New York-based app shop, its user numbers have dwindled considerably.

According to The Atlantic, which nabbed the stats from App Data, “the average number of users per day is now below where it was when Zynga acquired the game. (It’s currently around 10 million, down from a peak of close to 15 million.)”

Draw Something’s peak coincided almost perfectly with its acquisition, so that means the app has lost almost five million users in the last month. Ouch. Luckily for the OMGPOP team, they made off like bandits, but these stats are another blow to Zynga, whose stock price already dropped 50 percent since the beginning of March.

In truth, we’re all too familiar with the decline of Draw Something. A month ago we were firing off angry texts when friends didn’t automatically play us back, but a few weeks ago we deleted the app–because we were bored, and because we got tired of random people we hadn’t talked to in years failing to guess our perfectly rendered drawings of Snooki. Apparently Everyone Got Bored with Draw Something