Ed Koch Robocalls for Rory

Ed Koch (Photo: Getty)

Assemblyman Rory Lancman is going all out with former Mayor Ed Koch today. In addition to a press conference lampooning the status quo of Wall Street, a reader passes along a robocall Mr. Koch is doing on Mr. Lancman’s behalf.

“Hi, this is Ed Koch and I’m asking you to vote for my friend, Rory Lancman, for Congress,” he says in the call. “Rory Lancman served our country in the army and has been fighting for years to protect seniors and to hold Wall Street accountable and to level the economic playing field for you.”

Mr. Koch indicated he’s not excited by the idea of having voters only casting their ballots on the normal September primary day either, as the congressional primary moved and Mr. Lancman won’t be on the ballot then.

“The Democratic primary election is early this year, so on June 26th please remember to vote for Rory Lancman,” he finishes.

Mr. Lancman undoubtedly hopes Mr. Koch’s public endorsement will have some sway among the district’s voters, particularly the older Jewish constituencies that may fondly remember the former mayor’s term in office. He’s facing off against two rivals for the Democratic nomination: Assemblywoman Grace Meng and Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

Listen to the call here. Ed Koch Robocalls for Rory