Eddie Martinez on Painting Houses

Eddie Martinez (Courtesy the artist and The Believer)

Jackson Pollock layered his canvases with skeins of house paint. Willem de Kooning supported himself through painting houses. Now, Brooklyn-based artist Eddie Martinez, in an interview with The Believer (by Ross Simonini), reveals he follows in their grand Ab-Ex footsteps in that he too has dabbled in house paint. The first part of this off-the-cuff interview, published online today, gives some insight into Mr. Martinez’s Ab-Ex connection, and then some. Here’s an excerpt:

THE BELIEVER: You’ve done a lot of house painting?

EDDIE MARTINEZ: Yeah, yeah. A lot of house painting, all that kind of stuff.

BLVR I remember reading about how de Kooning’s understanding of painting came from house painting.

EM: Yeah, and then also those guys’ monetary restrictions. They were so broke that they would just have to go to the hardware store and buy enamel paint, and house painting brushes, and paint on wood and cardboard, whatever they could find. Growing up working with my dad, I really had no interest in doing the actual work, so I was always like drawing on the wood, doing stuff like that. It just has a real hands-on approach.

Eddie Martinez on Painting Houses