Erik Dilan Ramps Up Outreach

Councilman Erik  Dilan, who’s trying to unseat veteran Rep. Nydia Velázquez along with two other challengers, has a natural dilemma of increasing his name recognition in a diverse district spanning three boroughs, and he’s working to change that in recent days. The latest is a piece of mail being delivered throughout the district, according to a reader who passed it along.

The mailer, in both Spanish and English, introduces Mr. Dilan, explaining his tenure in the City Council, while also laying out a broad platform largely in line with Democratic values.

“Erik Dilan will cut taxes for working families andensure that the wealthy pay their fair share” reads one part, while another promises, “Erik Dilan will make every single gun sale in America come with a criminal background check.”

The ad also advertises his website, Facebook and Twitter, the launch of which goes along nicely with Ms. Velázquez’sefforts to expand online with recently-launched social media of her own.

And, as has already been noted, both candidates have went on Inside City Hall in recent days to give their pitches as well. About 29% of the district is new territory for Ms. Velázquez, so the two candidates undoubtedly will need to continue to get their names out there.

Erik Dilan Ramps Up Outreach