Unfunniest Tweet About Facebook IPO: We Have a Winner!


As we all know, the Facebook IPO is upon us. One of the things This Means For You: legions of unpaid amateurs are going to be taking to their various social media outlets at their own risk to then endanger the rest of human populace with their patently unfunny insights (as opposed to those like us, who are paid, professional, and therefore, licensed to distribute merely mediocre “humor” ostensibly disguised as insight about the Facebook IPO). And we have now found the single least funny, and moreover, patently unfunnyTweet about the Facebook IPO out there.

Julia Allison, Wired centerfold, friend to Randi Zuckerbergs everywhere, and internet Mothra birthed from the loins of Nick Denton and Gawker circa 2008, please come collect your prize:

Let’s take a brief moment to understand why this is so patently unfunny to the point where it is detrimental to humankind:

1. It’s difficult to tell if she’s joking or not.
2. If she is joking, than she’s asserting the idea that the world’s media may be over-saturating the news with Facebook IPO talk. Which is both (A) a given and (B) also kind of incorrect, seeing as how this IPO and it’s success or failure in both the short and longterm will indeliably change the course of the way people, markets, and companies who are considering the kind of scale Facebook has achieved go about their business.
3. If she is not joking—and at least one person doesn’t think she is—than she is clearly disconnected from this world in a way that prompts questions about what remote island she’s been living on, and how one manages the work of being on a Bravo TV show from there (what actually may go into doing such a thing). Either way, yes, Facebook has been covered, to be kind, thoroughly much for the last few years.
4. Indignation marked by multiple question marks and exclamation points.

That said, being as unfunny as this is, it could also be her sly way of marking of press for her new show—something on Bravo about the Internet and dating, we presume—in which case, Andy Cohen, you are a terrible genius and we hate you for falling into your trap.

Otherwise, Twitter should learn from Facebook and begin to systematically remove and ban people for doing this like this on their service. Just every once in a while. Like humor eugenics! I’d get in early and go long on that.

A lot of people would.

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