Flickr Adds ‘Liquid’ Photo Layout

At the new Flickr, bigger is better.

Flickr’s photo page evolution.

More changes from Flickr, which has kicked into high gear so far in 2012 in order to drag the still-popular photo sharing site out of the early aughts. Today the company announced that the main photo page will now show hi-res images in a “liquid” layout, so that the size of the photos will change according to the browser size.

The old layout featured a shriveled photo in the center of the page, surrounded by white space. The new layout lets the image stretch to the sides of the browser, although Flickr promises no “upscaling,” which would make photos appear grainy.

Details such as location, time, camera, and tags are still displayed next to the photo, without the need to scroll. Flickr is also adding the new photo sizes to its API.

The barrage of updates shows that Flickr is making good on its promise earlier this year to make big changes to its user experience. The changes have been received well by users, who had started drifting to competing photo sharing services such as Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

The old Flickr photo page design.
Flickr’s new photo page design.
Flickr Adds ‘Liquid’ Photo Layout