New Candidate Emerges for ‘Super Jewish’ State Senate Seat [Update]

Abraham Tischler (photo:

Abraham Tischler made headlines in 2010 by running in the special election to replace Simcha Felder in the City Council — despite being only 18 years old — but it looks like he might be interested in making a couple more before all is said in done. Earlier today, he quietly filed for a new State Senate seat created in heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

In his last campaign, Mr. Tischler was ultimately kicked off the ballot by his rivals, including current Councilman David Greenfield, but now he’s coming back onto the political scene and again running against the Democratic political establishment. His main opponent this time will actually be Mr. Felder, who is making his own return to campaign politics.

(A search for hints or rumors about Mr. Tischler’s latest campaign turned up nothing, so it’s probable that his campaign has not seriously ramped up yet.)

Over on the Republican side is attorney and likely future State Senator David Storobin and local businessman Nachman Caller.

Update: We talked to Mr. Tischler in a brief phone interview tonight, and, while not providing specifics, he said he would have an announcement soon.

“I’m working on the paperwork right now, and hopefully I will have exciting news in a couple days,” he explained. “I can’t disclose anything yet but I am working on assembling this fast.”

New Candidate Emerges for ‘Super Jewish’ State Senate Seat [Update]