Foursquare Hires Ad Man As Chief Revenue Officer

It's monetization time, baby.

Mr. Rosenblatt. (

Go back to your lives, citizens! The markets are now closed, and so we can all quit talking about Facebook for at least a couple of hours. Instead, let’s turn our attention back to another white-hot one-day IPO candidate attempting to monetize: Foursquare.

Ad Age reports that, on the heels of that paid media platform and those personalized coupons, the company has hired Steven Rosenblatt (already a consultant) as chief revenue officer. Previously he was director of ad sales and strategy at iAd and before that, SVP ad sales at Quattro Wireless, which pretty much cements our expectations, monetization-wise. 

Mr. Rosenblatt hinted to Ad Age about the prospect of “new tools for our merchant partners to be able to reach new customers,” though he didn’t get any more specific other than to say:

“A special is one tactic that could be used by a merchant, but there’s lots of other ways to drive loyalty between merchants and consumers, and that’s what our goal is,” he said.

Onward and upward, as they say.

Foursquare Hires Ad Man As Chief Revenue Officer