Gill regrets slight

State Sen. Nia Gill, who this week sent out a fundraising letter that included what she said was an unintended snub of other women running for Congress throughout the state, said today she regrets the error.

The mailer from the Gill camp included a plea for money to make sure that Gill joins the all-male state Congressional delegation next year. But the letter left donors to believe Gill was the fairer sex’s only hope at having a woman included in the delegation in 2013.

“Unless Nia Gill wins, it won’t,” the email sent to prospective donors proclaims.

But what the email forgot to mention is that there are other Democratic women running for Congress statewide, including Shelley Adler, who is seeking to reclaim the seat lost by her late husband in 2010 and who is the only Democrat in that race.  Adler has been highly visible so far in the young campaign season, scoring an endorsement from “Red to Blue” and a recommendation from Emily’s list.

Her campaign has been in action since early in the year, far longer than Gill’s which launched only last month.

Last night, Gill sent out a statement saying the snub was inadvertent.

“I look forward to being sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives next January and standing with Shelley Adler as she’s sworn in as well,” she said. “In our campaign’s haste to meet FEC deadlines on Wednesday, an email appeal with a semantic error was sent out. I regret the error. I look forward to serving with Shelley next year.”

Gill regrets slight