GIRLS: An Intergenerational Dialog (Episode 4: ‘Hannah’s Diary’)

Cheers and Jeers Generation X: Okay, so I know you are dying to talk about Hannah’s speech to Adam. Generation

Cheers and Jeers

Generation X: Okay, so I know you are dying to talk about Hannah’s speech to Adam.
Generation Y: SO GOOD…and moving! Fake eyebrows and all.
Generation X:  I agree. Beautifully done.
Generation Y: No one can write Lena like Lena.
Generation X: Funny how that works.
Generation Y: Also, i know it’s kind of cliched in comedies to give that kind of speech, and then immediately act counter-intuitively. But like I said, I think it does show growth in the character.
Generation X: Yeah. I have seen that before. On Cheers.
Generation Y:  God you love Cheers.
Generation X: I hate Cheers.
Generation Y: You mention Cheers like, twice a recap.
Generation X: I hated almost everything we had to watch back then. But there was nothing else on.
Generation Y: Is Girls our generation’s Cheers? No one has asked that question.
Generation X:  We hate-watched a whole two decades go by.
Generation Y:  you guys had hate-watching back then?
Generation X:  We didn’t have a name for it because it was just what we did. It was like breathing.
Generation Y: Fascinating! I thought Gabe Delahaye created hate-watching to write True Blood recaps for Videogum.
Generation X:  Reagan was president.
Generation Y: Max Headroom was king.
Generation X: If I said ‘Shazbot” would you even know what I was talking about????
Generation Y: Is that something Gary Shandler said? or called himself?

Questionable Taste

Generation X:  So. What did you think of Questionable Goods? Charlie’s band.
Generation Y: I definitely know bands like that. that was all of college, summed up in a band. Except for our campus’ ONE heavy-metal band, which did Mountain Goats covers,  and practiced at my house.
Generation X: It made me feel a lot better about not getting to Williamsburg more often.
Generation Y: I will say: I feel like if I ever saw a show’s like Charlie’s in Williamsburg, complete with a journal reading, I just might burn down everything from Kent Ave. till I hit the Marcy projects.
Generation Y: In conclusion, fuck williamsburg and music.

The End…?

Generation X: I feel like we should say something about this incredible invasion of privacy. But frankly, I didn’t buy it. I thought the thing about your generation, as you noted, is that you have no private lives.
Generation Y: yeah
Generation X: Which is it? Secret journals or dick pics. You can’t have both.
Generation Y: I think that this would have worked better as a conceit in general, to have Charlie find out Marlie’s feelings via Facebook, or Tumblr. Because in reality, that’s how most of us find out our relationships are over.
Generation Y:  “Oh, they clicked that we are no longer in a relationship. better call and see what’s up.”
Generation X: I do think Charlie proved he doesn’t have a vagina after all by doing that performance. It was fairly ballsy.
Generation Y:  it was kind of a bitch move, though, because he’s getting this from a third-hand source. Like his girlfriend’s friend’s diary is the barometer for his relationship? That might be WORSE than Facebook.
Generation X: Yeah… I thought storming off the stage sort of ruined the effect. And Marnie’s reaction was a little silly.
Generation Y: Jessa’s reaction was nonsensical. “Awesome”? Was seeing your friends completely humiliated really “awesome,” Jessa?
Generation X: This is where I think the show is beginning to teeter a bit. It’s cheapening itself for those easy dramatic moments or yuks.
Generation Y: Well, only one way to find out! If there was a cooler, more 2.0-way to say “tune in next week” that’d be what I’d say here.

GIRLS: An Intergenerational Dialog (Episode 4: ‘Hannah’s Diary’)