Updated GIRLS: Five Essay Prompts (Episode 7: ‘Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident’)

Now with extra credit!

3. Use the phrase “a tiny Navajo” in a sentence. Compare and contrast Hannah’s bike ride with Adam to the “Long Walk” of 1864 and the exploitation of native peoples by the American Government.

“My favorite book growing up was The Indian in the Cupboard, which was about a tiny Navajo who came to life.” As for Hannah’s unfortunate-ending bike accident as a metaphor for the ethnic cleansing of the Native American people….I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole. That’s like saying the whole episode can be compared to the Schindler’s List because a bunch of Jewish characters spend time in the ghetto before being herded into a small warehouse.

That being said, I think “dropping a pin” on your iPhone so your friend can pick you up in a taxi after you get into a fight with a guy is exactly like Kit Carson’s “scorched earth” campaign. Also, I loved how the ending shot was basically the opposite of The Graduate’s, with Hannah between Adam and Marnie in the taxi, trying to look forlorn and lost, but not being able to quite hide the smile of victory and sheer glee from spreading across her face.

4. There are several physical injuries in this episode (Jeff is beaten, Hannah is propelled from Adam’s bicycle handle bars, Shoshonnah mistakenly ingests cocaine). How do such incidents highlight the frailty of the body as well as its resilience?

You are forgetting Ray getting hit in the balls! Actually, this episode did have slapstick-y quality that didn’t quite work for me. The only repercussions you see from any of these injuries is Jeff’s bloody nose, and even that seems light for a guy who was basically American History X-style curb stomped after getting punched in the face. If you fly off the handlebars of a fast-moving bike, I don’t care if you are wearing a backpack on your tummy, your face is going to look like hotdog. And there is no way Ray is condition to compete physically with a toned, kickboxing Type-A 20-year-old who happens to be on CRACK. And then he gets hit in the balls and solar plexus? That guy needs a little more than a crotch-massage…at the very least his body would probably go into shock or he’d pass out from lack of oxygen.

This episode weirdly reinforces the idea that 20-somethings are as invisible as they think they are, while adults actually suffer after being grievously injured.

5. After Jessa invites pathetic Gen-X daddy Jeff to the party and then blithely induces two partygoers to kick the shit out of him, he asks her to sleep with him, and she declines. Aren’t there any other kids in Manhattan she could babysit?

Wait, what’s the question here? That Jessa, after giving so many “go-ahead” signs to Jeff, should have slept with him and found a new job? Or that if she knew she didn’t want to sleep with him, she should have found a new family to babysit for? The epiphany Jessa reaches in this episode is that while sleeping with guys like Jeff is usually what she does…in fact, she’s been leading up to it all season…in the harsh, fluorescent lights of that hospital, she realized she could do better for herself.

And sure, there are other kids in Manhattan, but does Jessa really want to babysit them? Does Jessa even like babysitting? Was she also an au pair, because she was around that apartment an awful lot.

EXTRA CREDIT: Did you really want me to come to your birthday party last night, and if so, why did you whisper the invite in a crowded newsroom at 6:12 p.m. on a Friday before a major federal holiday? 

Didn’t you get my text? It said “BEST PARTY EVER” and had the address of a crackden in Bushwick. I was looking for you all night!

And I have no control whether my birthday falls on a federal holiday weekend or not. You’ll have to take that up with my mom.

Updated <em>GIRLS</em>: Five Essay Prompts (Episode 7: ‘Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident’)