Google Tries to Kill Charlie Rangel

Google launched a new “Knowledge Graph” feature for its searches last Wednesday, and it seems like it’s already taking sides in the Democratic primary for New York’s 13th Congressional District.

A simple search for the incumbent, as Anthony Adragna pointed out, yields a rather morbid result. Apparently the Congressman Charles B. Rangel that we all know and love passed away about eight years ago.

The date — November 20th, 2004 — suggests it may have something to do with the shock of seeing President George W. Bush being successfully elected, although that can’t be said with certainty.

However, despite Google’s claims, the evidence would seem to suggest Mr. Rangel is very much alive and kicking. For example, we saw him give an interview on CNN just two days ago.

A search for some of Mr. Rangel’s electoral opponents shows them all alive as well, so we’re not sure what Google has against the veteran Harlem Representative but it doesn’t seem very fair!

(h/t @azipaybarah)

Google Tries to Kill Charlie Rangel