Harper’s Bazaar Editor Glenda Bailey Has Never Not Been Editor-In-Chief

Glenda Bailey talks to Amanda de Cadenet

Harper’s Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey appeared on Amanda de Cadenet‘s talk show, The Conversation, recently. She declined to answer Ms. de Cadenet’s signature question (“What’s your favorite sex position?”), citing Britishness, but did reveal that her career trajectory has been a “fairy tale.”

Prepare to feel that singular blend of jealousy and guilt because, unfortunately, like many fairy tales, it begins with her losing both of her parents, her mother while she was still in college. A year out of college, she put her fashion career on hold to move home and take care of her father, who had fallen ill, up until his death. On a bus back to London she told her two best friends she was starting a magazine. She got off the bus, walked to a pay phone, called the head of IPC magazines’ luxury division (we suppose he was in the book), asked for a meeting, made a pitch, and was given the capital to launch British Marie Claire. She’s been an editor-in-chief ever since.

“I was always a great believer in starting at the top,” she said. “I really think that focusing on a career and working your way up is way way way overestimated.” [The Conversation]

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