Here, Have Some Nekkid Pictures With Your Internets

Because the Internet doesn't already have enough nudity.


This morning an intriguing project crossed the Hacker News transom:, a bookmarklet that replaces every image on a page with, um, nude photographs. Of course we immediately experimented with our own homepage and found more breasts than you’d see on Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday. So it’s a little like Cornify, but for adult content rather than Lisa Frank-like sparkle ponies.

Betabeat could not let such a thing pass without delving a little deeper. We reached out and got a little more detail from creator Matteo Caberlotto, who described it, via email, as “a button that transforms any website into a pornsite (kind of…).” Well, it’s not that much worse than anything you’d see on HBO, but it’s certainly softcore at the least.

As for why? Duh: “why not?” he responded. Mr. Caberlotto built the bookmarklet and landing page, as well as doing the serverside coding, while a colleague offered an assist with sysadmin and social integration activities. All the images are Creative Commons licensed, he said, and come from They gather, catalog, and prep the photos themselves. Hands on, if you will.

The pair (who are Italian) work together as developers, and “the website itself is intended to give a sort of pleasure to internet experts.” They dreamed up the idea last summer, having lunch on the grass outside their office, then built it using HTML5, CSS3, 3-dimensional transitions and “some other stuffs,” Mr. Caberlotto told us. (Originally the name was, but someone else snapped up the domain.) He added that the bookmarklet is “nothing new” and the technologies they used “old and mature,” but thought it would give people a laugh.

More “target-specific versions” are in the offing–though sadly, an option for the dude-inclined is not what Mr. Caberlotto has in mind.

Here, Have Some Nekkid Pictures With Your Internets