Hugo Lindgren Is Covered in Fluffy Bunnies

The Times Mag has all the fun. []

Have you seen Hugo Lindgren in those New York Times Magazine commercials on TaxiTV? We saw a really charming one a few weeks ago, advertising “The Money Issue.” The sound was off, but it looked like Mr. Lindgren was selling an Emmy statuette to a sketchy-looking guy outside The New York Times building on 8th Avenue. (It makes more sense in the full video!) Anyway, judging from the Times Mag‘s Twitter, the next spot will involve fluffy bunnies. [@NYTmag]

Don’t fret over legendary foreign correspondent and latter-day plagiarist Arnaud de Borchgrave. He “feels vindicated” by our supportive emails. [Politico]

Being the editor in chief of Lucky gave Kim France migraines. [New York Times]

The Associated Press’s D.C. bureau has a prostitution problem. [Romenesko]

The American Prospect has raised $250,000, needs much more. [American Prospect]

Jim Paratore, executive producer of “TMZ on TV,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Extra,” died of an apparent heart attack while cycling in France. [The Wrap]

Women still only write 20% of op-ed pieces. Maybe because they know 99% of op-eds are utter garbage? [CJR]

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger says he wants 30 percent of the content in the paper to be pre-planned because news is so ubiquitous that by the time you read the paper you know it all anyway. [Nieman]

Hugo Lindgren Is Covered in Fluffy Bunnies