Jay Jacobs’ Advice to His Successors

Jay Jacobs (photo: nydems.org)

New York State Chairman Jay Jacobs may be stepping down soon for his two new replacements, but he’s still in a jovial mood. And, asked what advice he might have for the future co-chairs, Assemblyman Keith Wright and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minor, he kept it simple.

“Think before your talk,” he told us after his press conference yesterday denouncing Mitt Romney’s business record. “I’d say that for sure. I think you just have to keep your wits about you, keep your humor and realize nothing’s personal.”

Mr. Jacobs had nothing but praise for Mr. Wright and Ms. Minor as well.

“I’m excited about it, I like both of them. Wright is a friend of mine, so is Stephanie,” he said. “I think they’re both going to be excellent and I think they’re solidly good choices.”

Asked if he felt two co-chairs is better than having a single chairman run the party, he emphasized the qualities of the candidates rather than delving into organizational philosophy.

“I think this happens to be a uniquely good team and I think they’ll be a good team,” he responded, but adding in his own experience adjusting to a new executive director, Charlie King, after Governor Andrew Cuomo won in 2010. “You have to feel out how each are doing. You learn what talents you have and what your partner has, and it works out fine.”

Jay Jacobs’ Advice to His Successors