Jeffries Pushes Cuomo On Campaign Finance Reform [Video]

Hakeem Jeffries appeared on “The Dylan Ratigan Show” on MSNBC yesterday to talk up the “Fair Elections Act,” a bill that would bring the public financing of elections to New York State.

Mr. Ratigan asked Mr. Jeffries if Gov. Andrew Cuomo supported the bill, noting that he brought it up earlier in the year, but then seemed to grow wobbly towards it, saying, “‘ it’s an election year, so this issue isn’t necessarily a priority for the legislature.’ Same man, same year, same issue. what’s going on?”

In response, Mr. Jeffries noted that bill had strong support in the legislature, including from Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver and Senate Minority Leader John Sampson (although not, notably, GOP Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos) and sounded as if Mr. Cuomo may need a bit of a nudge:

“The governor did lay out support for campaign finance reform during that State of the State address in January, and we have to hold him to that commitment,” Mr. Jeffries said. “We need his leadership on this issue, and I’m convinced if he decides to lead and move this forward, we can get meaningful campaign finance reform in New York State, and hopefully that will spread like wildfire all across the country and we can begin to take our politics back and advance the best interests of the people.”

Mr. Jeffries, it should be noted, is a close ally of Governor Cuomo’s having introduced the Lt. Gov Robert Duffy at the Democratic State Convention in 2010. Mr. Jeffries is also running for Congress for the seat being vacated by a retiring Ed Towns. His opponent, City Councilman Charles Barron, is a former opponent of Mr. Cuomo’s and has been a persistent critic.

Take a look:

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Jeffries Pushes Cuomo On Campaign Finance Reform [Video]