Jenny Hou’s Lawyer Declares Her Innocence at John Liu Rally [Video]

Jenny Hou (Photo: Facebook)

At Comptroller John Liu’s rally for support last night, today’s hearing in federal court for his former campaign treasurer, Jenny Hou, loomed large. The lawyer for Ms. Hou, accused of helping orchestrate an illegal straw donor scheme on Mr. Liu’s behalf, directly addressed the charges in a speech from the pulpit.

He began by declaring her life story to be the product of the American Dream, saying, “She’s a young girl who’s 25 years old, who came to this country because her parents sought a life in a country where hard work and opportunity would be available to their children.”

Mr. Lefcourt also spoke on the difficulty of her upcoming trial, arguing that contributions from the audience were needed for a legal defense fund as the federal government is pouring significant resources into the case.

“I’ve come here tonight is to tell you what an obstacle it is to go up that hill against the federal government. There are three full-time federal prosecutors on this case, and endless FBI agents, trying to work it somehow, some way, that she will be found guilty,” he said. “Resources are needed, and in case there are any checks in the audience for the Jenny Hou campaign defense fund, please, we need your help.”

In case there was any question as to whether Ms. Hou would plead guilty or not-guilty, Mr. Lefcourt addressed that question as well.

“Tomorrow, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York , Jenny Hou will plead not guilty to an indictment,” he said. “She not only will plead not guilty, but she is not guilty.”

“Free Jenny!” he proclaimed before walking down off the stage.


Jenny Hou’s Lawyer Declares Her Innocence at John Liu Rally [Video]