Jones officially backs Rothman in CD 9

Paterson Mayor Jeff Jones today formally endorsed U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-9). over U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9). 

“Steve is the right choice for Paterson and today I am proud to endorse him for re-election to the Ninth Congressional District. Congressman Rothman shares President Obama’s progressive vision for revitalizing our nation’s cities and helping communities like those right here in Paterson,” said Jones. “After speaking with President Obama’s top advisor, David Axelrod, when he was campaigning for Steve in our district last week, I am convinced now more than ever that the President, and all of us, need Congressman Rothman, a true friend of our great President. Steve stood shoulder to shoulder with President Obama on a wide range of issues from passing historic healthcare reform and bringing our troops home from the war in Iraq to protecting a women’s right to choose.”

“David Axelrod said that President Obama needs Congressman Rothman as an unwavering ally in Congress to fight for the President’s agenda for years to come,” added the mayor. “Congressman Rothman was the only member of Congress from New Jersey to endorse then-Senator Barack Obama in 2007 and he has helped lead the fight for the President’s agenda over the past three years. Many in the Democratic establishment called Steve’s decision political suicide, but I call it courage. Congressman Rothman gets it right the first time.”

“I am honored to receive Mayor Jones’s endorsement. I am looking forward to representing Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson counties, including the great city of Paterson,” said Rothman. “I hope to have the opportunity to continue to lead the fight for progressive values and to deliver much-needed federal funds to Paterson.”

“The City of Paterson and our entire county needs a member of Congress who can help relieve the tax burden on local taxpayers by bringing home federal dollars from Washington, D.C. As our state’s only Democratic House Appropriator, we cannot afford to lose Congressman Rothman,” said Mayor Jones. “Steve has already helped to secure more than $2 billion in federal funds for the Ninth District and I am looking forward to working with him to fight for Paterson and improve the quality of life for our constituents.”

Jones officially backs Rothman in CD 9