LEGO Stealing Nerd Assembled Mini Legoland Inside His Mansion

Scammer has LEGOmania.

Mr. Langenbach’s LEGO lair. (Mountain View Police/Wired)

Remember Thomas Langenbach, the SAP executive who used his tech chops to steal and resell thousands of dollars worth of LEGOs? Turns out he was–unsurprisingly–a bit of a LEGO hoarder, even going so far as to build what “looked like a mini Legoland,” Cindy Hendrickson, Supervising Deputy District Attorney with the Santa Clara County D.A.’s office, told Wired.

According to Wired, a search of Mr. Langenbach’s San Carlos mansion unearthed:

meticulously sorted bins filled with Lego pieces, and hundreds of Lego toys, some displayed next to bottles of booze on the family bar, others snapped together in front of a whiteboard as if they were being staged for photography. And many more were in boxes, jammed into an office closet….There were 46 boxes of a lava-like Lego creature called Magma Monster, 35 boxes from Lego’s Indiana Jones-themed Pharaoh’s Quest, and 75 tiny Lego figurines.

As many a commenter conjectured on our previous post, Mr. Langenbach admitted to police that he simply followed YouTube videos that demonstrated how to replace barcodes with those that would ring up cheaper prices.

Why exactly he decided to risk a multimillion dollar career to steal children’s toys remains a mystery, but judging from the way he neatly arranged all of those stolen LEGO sets, there’s a good shot OCD had something to do with it. After all, who can resist Magma Monster?

LEGO Stealing Nerd Assembled Mini Legoland Inside His Mansion