Lesniak: No on Harris; probable no on tax cuts

TRENTON – Sen. Ray Lesniak, (D-28), of Elizabeth reiterated on Tuesday that he will vote no on the nomination of Bruce Harris to the state Supreme Court, citing Harris’s decision to recuse himself on a marriage equality case that would come before the court.

He added that he hadn’t spoken to any of his Senate Judiciary Committee colleagues concerning Thursday’s hearing.

“We will just have to wait and see,” he said.

Lesniak said he was also very disappointed with Gov. Chris Christie’s decision last year to not re-nominate Justice John Wallace to the state’s highest court.

“I think that was a huge mistake,” Lesniak said. 

On the issue of proposed tax cuts for fiscal year 2013, Lesniak said he can’t see himself supporting any kind of a plan, Republican or Democratic, given the state’s underperformance in raising sufficient revenues that would have helped pay for it.

“Any tax cut that calls for borrowing money is reckless for economic viability,” he said.

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Lesniak: No on Harris; probable no on tax cuts