Lonegan slams Christie high court nominee

TRENTON – Former gubernatorial candidate and conservative firebrand Steve Lonegan of Americans for Prosperity testified against the appointment of Bruce Harris to the Supreme Court, citing his “thin resume,” little judicial experience and his failure to be promoted to partner at the law firms he has worked at.

Among other things, Lonegan said there is little information about Harris’ judicial philosophy because he has little in the way of published legal writings.

Lonegan accused Harris of misapplying constitutional concepts, citing a memo the nominee wrote advocating for same sex marriage.  

Lonegan said the email, which outlines a constitutional mandate for the separation of church and state, was proof that the attorney had little grasp of constitutional law.

“Mr. Harris has shown an ability to not only make up constitutional phrases and words but to misappropriate constitutional concepts,” Lonegan said.

  Lonegan slams Christie high court nominee